Ashes of the Singularity OST and Galactic Civilizations III OST
are both available for purchase at the following:
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Civilization Beyond Earth OST
is available for purchase at the following:
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This website is going through some rather substantial updates. Please excuse any problems you may encounter. My goal is to get things up to date with all projects I have been involved with over the past 3 years. I will be adding lots of new music and other information that may be of interest to fans of my music and sound design.
- Michael Curran

Itís been over a year since I last updated my website, and with the coming release of Civilization Beyond Earth later this month, it is long overdue. Itís been an incredible year for me to say the least. Following the release of Civilization V: Brave New World, I began work on Civilization Beyond Earth as lead audio designer and composer. I worked on that game up until March of this year, when I left Firaxis Games to become the Audio Director for Stardock. Having worked with Firaxis for over 11 years, it was a very difficult decision to make. Firaxis gave me the opportunity and privilege of working on some of the greatest games of all time! It was a wonderful place to grow as a composer and sound designer and I will always be grateful to them, and to those I had the privilege to work with there.

Here at Stardock, there is much to do creating audio for all of their great games. I am currently working on Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, and a few other unannounced projects. I have reunited with an old colleague, Ian Smith, who worked with me on Civilization 5 and is now assisting me on some of the Stardock games. I also continue to work with Geoff Knorr who composed much of the music for GalCiv3.

Iíll be posting more soon, mostly catching up on all that has happened over the past year, including some reviews and awards for Brave New World, and of course more news on the release of Civilization Beyond Earth!