Brave New World Awards

"Best Soundtrack - Orchestral / Cinematic" Runner Up

"Outstanding Production - Game Publisher" Brave New World OST sited as contributing to Take-Two Interactive winning this award

"Outstanding Contribution - Ensemble" Nomination
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Choir - Scramble for Africa (Civilization V: Brave New World)

Civilization V Awards

Best Original Musical Score
"Civilization V's music direction has set a new marker for what the industry should be striving for."

Best Score - Runner up
Square Enix Music

Best Audio Design  - Runner Up
The Edge Awards 2010
"Close your eyes and you hear the rattle of masts in a harbour, the rumble of construction, the clanking of metal - for the amount of information Civ V supplies sonically, it is a miracle that its ambience never becomes a cacophony. But this achievement is trumped by the score itself, which playfully reworks culturally appropriate instrumentation into recognisable mood cues for a modern musical idiom epitomising the series' ambition as an all-encompassing interactive trip through time."

Best Use of Licensed Music
2011 Gang Awards nomination