Civilization Beyond Earth Original Soundtrack

Game Music Online
"a must-have score for those who are attracted to sweeping epics, both in games and in film… The score is a seriously impressive one: vast, epic, and beautifully executed."
Emily McMillan - Game Music Online

Movie Music UK
"Beyond Earth is one of the most impressive game scores I have heard in quite some time, and really reinforces the fact that we should be increasingly looking to game composers - especially people like Knorr, Curran, and Grant Kirkhope"

Civilization V: Gods and Kings Original Soundtrack Reviews

Square Enix Music
"Michael Curran and Geoff Knorr have embraced such freedom while taking the series' music to a new level. Civilization V: Gods & Kings expands wonderfully on their already accomplished original score and whether appreciated for its numerous individual highlights or as a collective whole, this soundtrack has an amazing amount to offer. In fact, it's one of those rare soundtracks that is incredible all-round: artistically, emotionally, thematically, and contextually. Those who have played the game should definitely explore the game's folders to find this gem waiting for them. Take-Two Interactive should also consider giving the music for Civilization V a true commercial stand-alone release - the musical legacy of the game and its expansion is worth celebrating.
Overall Score: 10/10

Civilization V Original Soundtrack Reviews

Square Enix Music
"The Civilization V soundtrack represents a massive development in the series' original music. After being in the dark ages for so long, the series' music has undergone a renaissance with rich orchestral performances, authentic ethnomusical elements, and immersive interactive variations. Sound director and lead composer Michael Curran, in collaboration with additional composer and orchestrator Geoff Knorr, clearly put an immense amount of effort into this score and the results pay off. This soundtrack is highly accomplished and, though still very exclusive in its availability, absolutely worthy of stand-alone listening."
Overall Score 9/10

"...a soundtrack experience that will take you to a different time and place...If ever you've had a romanticized outlook toward historical times and a "what if" frame of mind, than this score will appeal to you in all the right ways."
Final Score 8.5/10