Civilization V: Gods and Kings

"... it's one of those rare soundtracks that is incredible all-round: artistically, emotionally, thematically, and contextually. Those who have played the game should definitely explore the game's folders to find this gem waiting for them... the musical legacy of the game and its expansion is worth celebrating."
Overall Score: 10/10
Chris Greening, Square Enix Music

Civilization V

"The music is quite understated and gorgeous, with some of the best Civilization music ever in the series."
Jonah Falcon, Gamestooge

"The soundtrack is quite impressive."
Marius van der Merwe, Lazygamer

"The music deserves special mention here."
"hauntingly beautiful passages of music..."
"It all heightens the feeling that Civilization V is taking you on a heroic odyssey through history
Rob Zacny, GamePro

"excellent music..."
Steve Butts, The Escapist

"wonderfully composed soundtrack..."
Denny Markovic, Palgn

"The music is excellent..."
Troy Goodfellow, Gameshark

"Amazing Soundtrack that never gets old... absolutely fantastic..."
Angry Joe, The Angry Joe Show 

"The top-notch soundtrack fits each culture perfectly...
This is one game where the soundtrack was not an afterthought."
Vince "Moesha" Massa, ActionTrip

"You will also be captivated by Civilization V's ....serene soundtrack....  classy...gorgeous and diverse ..."
Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot

"...epic soundtrack... the expanded visuals and immersive audio invite would-be kings to take up the reigns of power and forge a mighty empire...Audio: 25/25.."  Benny Rockefeller, AssociatedContent

"The music is brilliantly composed and the sounds of war are better than games like Starcraft 2, spanning from the caveman-like weapons of the ancient age to the giant mechanized infantry of the future age."

"...lush soundtrack..."Steve Tilley, The Toronto Sun